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Kay Whipple, Webs and Wings, LLC


Webs and Wings celebrates connections and inspiration that leads to success.

Webs and Wings helps entrepreneurs and small business owners have a richly textured and balanced life through  strategic planning, designing a sustainable infrastructure, managing change, powerful marketing, life coaching, self-nurturing support, and energy management. 


It is important for small business owners to have “webs” or networks of the right people to work with, to support them, and to help them grow their "wings" and fly! When heading into the unknown, it is helpful to have the support of people who recognize what you need and can help you get build the infrastructure to reach your goals. 


Many people go into business for themselves and assume they will have more freedom – and they can. Small business owners just have to plan their lives more carefully. When you work for someone else’s business, you can go home and can put your mind elsewhere, leaving business behind. When you own your own business, it never goes away, particularly if you work from home. You need boundaries, a multidimensional plan that merges work and life and creates the policies that will enable you to live sanely. The Multidimensional Business Plan™ addresses this issue.

Energy Management

People who do a lot need a way to manage their energy so they have enough left at the end of the work day to enjoy their lives. This is one thing that many businesses and people miss! People live on caffiene rather than use breathing, meditation, and stress reduction techniques to manage energy. Proper energy management for business owners is key!

Kay Whipple, MBAKay Whipple, owner of Webs and Wings, holds a BS in Computer Science, Large Scale Systems Engineering, and Industrial Management from Purdue University and an MBA in Marketing and Economics from the University of Rochester, Simon School. She is a long-time writer, business consultant, and student of energy. Kay is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini yoga practitioner, and black belt in Isshin Ryu karate.

Kay recognizes that people are more than just physical forms, and that all things and people are connected. Business needs to take this into account, so her unique approach to business is multidimensional.