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Quicken and Quickbooks Set up, Training, Troubleshooting, Customized reporting to manage your business.

Sustainable Systems and Infrastructure Consulting 

Consultations regarding Software, SEO, Social Media, Processes, Policies, and Procedures, Risk Analysis, Building Rewarding Relationships (with employees and partners), Building different types of Support Systems. Software Technical Support.

Strategic Planning

Mission, Vision, Values, Behaviors, Tasks, SWOT Analysis, etc. We do traditional strategic planning as well as Multidimensional Strategic Planning™, which takes into account the bigger picture.

Writing, Editing, and Publishing

Kay Whipple has been a writer all her life and can deliver anything from books to sensitive emails, website content, company policies, and anything else that needs polished, powerful verbiage.


The Multidimensional Business Plan Workshop - How to use the Multidimensional Busines Plan™ to build your business in balance with your personal life.

The Multidimensional Life Plan Workshop - For retirees and other people who have transitioned beyond business, this workshop uses the Multidimensional Life Plan™ to help plan a full and meaningful life when you no longer have a job or business.

The Multifimensional Marketing Plan Workshop - Apply the same concepts of the Multidimensional Business Plan to Marketing in this powerful workshop.

Inner Leadership: Trusting Yourself in Tough Times: Managing Change 

What do you do when: 

  • there seems to be no path forward
  • change is coming too fast to handle
  • what used to work, doesn't
  • it's time for a fresh start

There are answers, and this workshop helps you feel more in control of your life and guides you down the road to finding them!

New Perspectives - Stop Struggling! Take a new look at your life. Discover a new framework for transforming your life and business:

  •  Redesign your life, your space, your business for joy, nurturing, and synergy.
  • The whole can be MUCH more than the sum of the parts – and much more fun!
  •  You’ve grown and changed – has your environment changed with you?
  •  As you add more and more activities to your life, have you changed the way you do things? Or do you just try to fit more and more into the same old routine? You don’t need someone to tell you how to get organized. You need a glimpse of life from a different point of view. Old structures will change quickly, effortlessly, and joyfully

The Awakening Journey - The Awakening Journey is a powerful experience of self-healing which introduces and builds upon the synergy of four distinct energy systems - Reiki, the chakras, affirmations, and the labyrinth. Each of these systems are energy transformers - vehicles through which healing energy is delivered and converted to awaken and restore health and well being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Each elevates vibrational levels within the bodymind and human energy field, transmitting a frequency which restores balance and harmony.

The Fun Factor - If you have lost your joy in your work, this is the workshop for you! Discover what is missing and how you can recapture it or find new inspiration.

Transformational Journaling - Mindmapping and meditation with other techniques added can super-power your journaling to get to the heart of the matter and discover solutions for both life and business. 

Custom Workshops for Your Needs

Custom business workshops

Custom Work/Life Balance Workshops

Custom Labyrinth Walks and Programs

Trust seminars and Strategic work with medium to large corporations are handled by Leadergrow, Inc.

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