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Who we are

Kay Whipple, MBA


Kay Whipple owns Webs and Wings, a company that provides business and computer consulting, executive coaching, and strategic planning, along with a wide variety of workshops and trainings. The publishing arm of the business, Productivity Publications, is the print-on-demand publishing subsidiary of Webs and Wings, offering resources celebrating adventure, personal and spiritual growth, business effectiveness, health, and energy.

Aside from workshops, Webs and WIngs does mainly carefully chosen longterm project work, generally with partners.


Kay is a partner in Leadergrow, Inc., a business that trains leaders and offers keynotes, trainings, and products around the topic of trust in corporate and nonprofit settings. Leadergrow also does strategic planning. Kay does the website, accounting, editing, tech support, editing, and some of the publishing, along with strategic planning.

Kay also partners with Zee Designs, a premier print and web services firm based in Las Vegas, NV, as a Business Development Consultant, Content Developer, and SEO and Marketing Strategist. They provide high quality websites, print materials, graphic design, and many other services.

As part of Labyrinth Quest with Harriette Royer, Kay co-creates custom multi-sensory events and workshops which combine the labyrinth with hands-on healing, sacred sound, journaling, art, and other topics. At least once a month they put on labyrinth events. She  coordinates the PR for Labyrinth Quest’s Rochester Community Labyrinth Walks. 

Her interest in labyrinths as tools for transformation led her to The Labyrinth Society, an international organization that supports all those who create, maintain, and use labyrinths, and serves the global community by providing education, networking, and opportunities to experience transformation. She is currently President of the Board of Directors.